My buddies got promoted!

Brian, my favorite blue belt, is now Brian, my favorite purple belt! And one of my other favorite people to train with, Glen, got his blue. I’m so happy for them!

Morning BJJ- single leg takedowns, then two different escapes from side control. Then I rolled with one of the white belts, and after that, I got to roll with a blue belt I’ve never met before- he was not much bigger than me. I did better today at staying on top. At one point, the white belt had me in an armbar and I flipped us both over, then slipped out and got his back. It was very sloppy technique- I knew even as I was doing it that it was going to put me in a WORSE position than I was already in, but I couldn’t really escape any other way, and I was banking on the white belt not being experienced enough to exploit my position. I’m sure if Rodrigo saw it, he was shaking his head and rolling his eyes. But it worked! thumbsup It was one of those things that would only work on another white belt, though…. any of the blue belts would have armbarred the shinola out of me if I’d tried that on them.

My main limiting factor- even more than my size and weight, I think- is that the overheating and exhaustion is still sapping my speed and strength. I would do so much better if I could keep my energy up and keep moving. I would have liked to roll with the small blue belt some more, but I got so exhausted that I had to ask for a break. surrender

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