Striped Mantis

Morning BJJ… two blue belts showed up a bit late, otherwise it was just 4 whites there today…. I let the other two-stripe white take the front of the line, otherwise I could have been the most senior student in line today! Funny! Laughing

More armbar from guard. I’m really excited about this move. I think my flexibility, quickness and short torso/legs could make this a really good technique for me. I’m seeing today, though, that it’s all about jamming that knee up into the opponent’s armpit at the beginning… and I don’t really seem to have the necessary core strength to hit that as well as I want to, and get the opponent’s shoulder torqued over. Of course, I may do better with it when I’m fresher and not half-swooning with sweaty exhaustion and with my abs on fire.

Another roll with The Great Panda too. Good times.

Down three and a half pounds today. Six and a half to go. Diet still sucks, but this is a good progression and will get the job done. No hurry.

Right elbow/shoulder/neck is sore today. I think someone omoplata’ed me a little too hard last night.


Evening kung fu class. No DD, No CN…. SK taught the class. He made me lead the forms (Drat him… he knows I hate that!). My forms were technically awesome and pulsating with power, for some reason…. I was a little out of sorts before class, so I don’t know where that came from. My chi was kick-ass tonight. Cool

Bung Bo Kuen applications. I worked with Nemesis first. An hour and a half later, when we were all working with different partners, Nemesis’ then-partner exclaimed jokingly across the room to me, "Did you see what you did to him?!" He pulled up Nemesis’ sleeve, and the inside of his upper right arm was just completely covered with livid red fingerprint bruises where I’d been applying the Mantis hand earlier. Shocked Jeez, I didn’t think I was doing it that hard… when you’re drilling with Nemesis, you can’t just tenderly take his arm and tug like a toddler tugging on Mommy’s coatsleeve; you have to manhandle the guy- otherwise he just stands there and looks at you like you’re a moron, while you’re dangling ineffectually off his arm and batting at him. There was a punch and a palm-heel strike in the same sequence, and I had asked him two or three times, "Am I hitting too hard?" and he said it was fine. I did not specifically ask him if I was GRABBING too hard, but doesn’t that imply, "speak up if it’s too rough"? I felt bad… although Gods know, he’s done much worse to me on multiple occasions. I did give him some of my jow to put on it.

Of course then everyone had to taunt me about my "striped Mantis"- which apparently is Mantis tainted with the excessively violent overkill of Tiger.

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