About those mouse-kebobs……

More dreams last night about devouring live mice. Shocked

Note to the Sandman: Becoming One with the Snake Spirit would be more helpful if you sent dreams involving how Snake FIGHTS. I wonder if the fact that I’m on a diet has anything to do with the fact that all my reptilian dreams involve dinnertime.

Morning BJJ- Armbar from guard. I think this is going to be a good one for me, once I truly get the hang. The short legs make it a little tricky, though.

Brian has a rib out, so I had to be gentle with him. Since this is an injury I’ve had twice already since starting BJJ in April, I was able to tell him that the radiating neck/shoulder pain is typical- and give him some good stretches for it.

A new alterations place has sprung up a few miles from my house, so I went there today to commission a rank sash for our newest student, ES. Our group apparently lost its sash supplier shortly before I joined. Everyone recieved a sash from DD except me. Every four months or so, we would have the following conversation:

DD: Don’t you have a sash yet?
Me: Nope.
DD: Well, we’ll have to get you one! But we don’t have any right now.
Me: No biggie.

And it wasn’t… until we got a new student, and one day *SHE* walked in wearing a sash.




I popped a gasket. It’s not that I gave a crap about having a sash, but that made me feel really excluded and dissed and passed over. Turns out that DD did not give her the sash… that student’s boyfriend, who is a senior member of the class, sewed the thing for her. Well, I would have settled for recieving it from one of the senior students… but I guess you have to be boinking one of them to get THEM to sew you a sash. Rolling Eyes Anyhow, I pitched a little hissy fit, and then I waited for this injustice to be rectified, and it never was…. eventually we got another new student (JE), and I decided that no one was ever going to take responsibility for this… so I employed a seamstress to make sashes for me, JE, and MG (who was the only other person without a sash… because he almost never shows up… but still, I felt that he’d been shafted as much as I had).

Procuring your own sash sucks. It’s like sending yourself flowers at the office.

I never had any desire to actually WEAR the thing (In fact I have never put mine on- not even in my bedroom to look in the mirror- I don’t even know how to tie it!), but I didn’t want to be excluded from HAVING one if more junior students were recieving them.

Part of the symbolism, in my eyes, is that it’s a mark of your teacher’s acceptance and approval; and a mark of your belonging to the group; and an acknowledgement of all the time and effort you’ve put in to earn your rank.

I don’t want our junior students to have to send themselves flowers at the office, or to feel excluded by being sashless… so this is something I have made the decision to handle myself. (I don’t tell them it’s NOT from DD… I just hand it to them, "Here’s your sash,") Cool

Evening BJJ + open mat- collar chokes from the back, transitioning into armbar or omoplata if you can’t finish the choke.

I worked a bit with a blue belt whom I’ve never worked with before…. he owned me of course, but I think I surprised him a few times by Gumby-ing out of a few situations that he assumed no one would be flexible enough to escape.

We did some defend-guard/pass-guard relays, and at one point I found myself paired up with a REALLY huge guy… like 300lb+. He was lying there panting at the ceiling, and I came over and got in his guard, and when he lifted his head, we looked at each other for a minute- and then both started to laugh. It was just so absurd.

Got a few rolls with Ron, and a few with Pat the Great Panda…. always fun to work with them.

I really need to come up with a new SOP for passing guard… I always go for the "pin one thigh down with the elbow and knee and then sneak over", but it just leaves me too vulnerable to being triangled. Wish I had a nickel for every time I’ve been triangled! I need to come to terms with the fact that I just have to stop trying to make this work on Leah or Ron… on someone I don’t work with much, it sometimes is fruitful- but those two have my number.

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