Yes, I’m being a baby about this- but it still bugs me.

Thursday evening kung fu…. I didn’t update the blog because there was nothing really noteworthy to talk about. No new stuff, just review and some more Monkey In the Middle.

I skipped Friday BJJ- both of them- I was so sleep-deprived that I slept all day. Housemate had tix to the midnight showing, opening day of NEW MOON, so that’s where we were Thursday night/Friday morn after kung fu, and I had had about three hours of sleep out of the previous thirty.

Saturday practice- Bung Bo, Three Step Arrow (That’s the Southern Mantis… Bung Bo is Northern Mantis), and Hurricane Hands. New piece of Hurricane Hands. Smile I can tell that I’m working on Snake style kung fu because last night I had a dream in which I was devouring live mice. I was in human form, not a snake, so it took me a few minutes of lying there after the alarm rang, thinking "WTF???" before I made the connection.

I felt a little irritated with JM today… not her fault, my own personal issues. Regarding Saturday practices… my feeling is that it’s kind of rude to work on stuff that can’t include everyone who is there- which means you’re limited to the level of the lowest-level student present. Sometimes I wish I could work on some other things, but it’s okay- I want to include everyone. On the rare instances when CM and/or SK are helping me with more advanced material, JM has a tendency to not go work on her own stuff- she’ll just stand there and stare at us. I don’t like working with an audience- I find it distracting, it makes me self-conscious, and I feel like we have to hurry up and get it done because she’s just standing there waiting for us to finish. And she gives me corrections. JM picks things up very quickly, and she’s very good- her corrections are always right and helpful. I know she’s just trying to be nice and just trying to help. I know I’m being juvenile to be irritated by this, but yeah- it grates my cheese to be given corrections by someone who a)doesn’t know the form in question, b)is not supposed to be working on the form in question because it’s beyond her present level, and yet c)already knows the form better than me just from standing there watching.

There doesn’t seem to be a polite way to ask her to occupy herself otherwise while I’m getting help with
my stuff, so I just tend to steer towards asking her and the other newer students what they want to work on and going along with that. What makes that slightly MORE irritating is that JM lives with SK and can get private lessons any time 24/7- so when it’s just the three of us, working on her stuff, I sometimes wonder why any of us bothered to make the drive into the city. crazy

Anyway, I didn’t get any new Hurricane Hands either Tues or Thurs, and SK had already told me that he planned to give me a new piece today- and I wanted that piece- so I just had to suck it up and deal. But irritation…..


An hour at the gym, going over all the forms that we don’t usually do on Tuesdays- with the exception of the two "Needle" forms, which I already worked on today while I was waiting for the others to show up to the park. Also did Wood Monkey a few times, Tiger kick drills, the scrap of Hurricane Hands, the scrap of Three Step Arrow, and all the tai chi forms. Forgot to take my jian, so I had to use the dao for all the sword stuff.

I want to have the tai chi whipped into shape because CN will be in town from Dec 26 to Jan 10. I’ll be on rotation that last week of Dec, and I’m not going to the retreat the weekend of Jan 8th, so I hope she can make some time to work with me the first week of January. I’m so happy to have Cannon Fist finally ready to show her, as well as Catherine Dao. I’m sure she’ll have a million corrections! But we’ve actually LEARNED both forms in full!

I would have liked to work longer at the gym tonight, but my knees were very painful although I iced them on the way to the gym (and on the way back). I think next time, I’ll take the ice packs into the gym with me, try sitting with iced knees for 5-10 min when I get too sore to continue, and then see if I can manage round two.

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