That won’t work on Nemesis either… unless you are DD.

Tuesday night kung fu. No forms tonight- Sil Lum Tao followed by sticky hands and bong sau’s… we were standing perfectly still except for our arms for half the night, and I was still completely sweat-soaked. I was having a little lower-back pain and stiffness stemming from my workshift the night before, and it was messing with my energy flow. Every time I tried to root, or shift my stance, everything was binding up around my hips. Of course this would be the one day that DD actually walked around and drilled a little with each one of us- so it would have been nice to perform a little better than that tonight. Oh well.

I got a giggle from the class when I asked about the application for the "dead bird hand". Well, that’s what it LOOKS like…. you draw the hand back to the chest and then abruptly let it droop from the wrist like a pigeon that’s been shot. They always laugh at me for telling it like it is.

I’ve dropped about 4lb, and my tie-front yoga pants were already falling right off my hips no matter how tightly I knotted them. Rolling Eyes

JB and I went over Southern mantis a little bit… SK didn’t have time tonight to address Hurricane Hands, which is fine with me because I didn’t have much time to practice it this week… hopefully we can play with that a bit on Thursday.

Parry to armbar-with-wrist-lock…. moving either forward or back with a dragony figure-eight-type motion. I gritted my teeth and worked with Nemesis again. of course I couldn’t execute the technique on him. I got frustrated again, but I kept my cool this time. I tried it on DD and it worked fine. Rolling Eyes I asked him to demo on Nemesis- and with a casual flick of DD’s finger, Nemesis is eating floortile. hail
DD is not a large guy, nor visibly musclebound- he looks like somebody you’d find pushing papers in middle management somewhere… but he makes everything look so easy. Unfortunately we were almost out of class time, so I didn’t get to fully pick his brain on how to tweak the technique so I could get it to work on Nemesis. I just know I could learn to work around my size disadvantage more effectively if I could get DD to help me with my sparring.

I gave SK his traditional congrats-on-your-disciple-promotion gift- the Five Animals dreamcatcher. it took JM and me over thirty minutes working together by flashlight to untangle the durn thing in the parking lot, while SK cooled his heels in the car and promised to not peek- but we finally managed!

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