Wednesday BJJ

Wednesday morning BJJ… a new (for me) takedown…. I love takedowns, so this is always a happy thing for me. Then defending against an opponant standing in front of you, grabbing your pantlegs and trying to circle around. This is something that people seem to get me with a lot, so it’s good to get an idea for how to defend it. Then we practiced some ways to roll the opponent if he does get all the way behind you.

I didn’t stay for open mat… I wasn’t even particularly wiped out (the heater was broken, so it was actually a bearable temp in there for once); just lacking my get-up-and-go.

I wonder how much of my current funk is just me sabotaging myself. Some of it, certainly. Most of it? *All* of it?


Wednesday evening BJJ, no gi. Smaller than usual class, maybe because of the holiday? We worked positional drills (side control to mount to scarf to north south to scarf to side control), and then Cindy gave us one defense against each position, for the person on the bottom to try. Then sparring for position only (no subs), then open mat. I did several rolls with Ron. Just due to the sweat, I was able to escape several of his sub attempts that would have otherwise caught me. Once again, I noticed that his game goes downhill as he gets tired. If I can conserve enough of my own energy, I am able to press him harder- and do better against him- after we’ve gone several times and he’s getting tired.

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