Monkey in the middle

Started a diet yesterday. I got on the scale and saw that the subtle, insidious creep-creep-creep of weight has crept-crept-crept up to 10 lb over what I consider my ideal. I knew this point was coming; I can glance in the mirror and tell you exactly what my weight is that day- I am so small that even a two pound difference either way is very visually noticable.

Unfortunately, level of exercise has never made a difference for my particular case… I can (and often do) do a couple of hours a day, very day, and the scale doesn’t start to move until I make drastic, drastic cuts the amount of food I eat. It is really astonishing and dismaying how little food I *REALLY* need to get through the day. I love food, I love bad food, I love LOTS of bad food, so this type of thing is soooooooo not fun for me.

Right now at the keyboard I’m eating oatmeal…. I have two massive sacks of the stuff, and it has utterly ZERO taste. I’m allowing myself to put a little vanilla syrup, cinnamon, or other flavoring in it- which still does not serve to improve it to the point where I am motivated to eat a single bite more than I really need.

Down a pound this morning, so nine more to go. I’m going to take it nice and slow and easy.

Eating to live, not living to eat, as they say… ((sigh)) Confused


Kung fu evening class. Defences against The Enebriated Acquaintance- the hand on the knee, the arm around the shoulders, from a sitting position.

Then we did "monkey in the middle"- where you have one person stand in the middle of the circle and close hir eyes, and the others come up and attack hir in random order. The monkey can open hir eyes when s/he feels the first touch. I like to walk around the circle shuffling my feet and making strange noises while the person is standing there with hir eyes closed, just to psych hir out. Then I sneak up and catch hir unawares, because I move like a cat! Twisted Evil I did flying leaps onto the backs of our two tallest people, grabbing them around the necks in an RNC and pulling them over backward onto the floor. The first guy I did it to was our newest student, and it really freaked him out! Mr. Green I like to come up with a slightly different attack than the ones they are expecting. Tonight I was tapping them on the shoulder, and as soon as their eyes opened, I threw a punch to the face! punch

A little Cannon Fist, another piece of Hurricane Hands. I had meant to ask someone to go over the Southern Mantis fragment we’d done on Tues, but I forgot- must ask to do that next week.

Nemesis showed me some bruises on his arm that he claimed were from me on Tuesday, doing those Bung Bo Kuen apps that I got so frustrated with. I could barely see anything even when he pointed them out. I think he was trying to make me feel better, because everyone had seen how frustrated I was. It was nice of him, anyway. I know that he is sometimes unsure of how much force to use. He knows that I don’t want him to just hand me stuff, but he also knows that he is supposed to allow his training partners to accomplish the techniques. And the guy is just impervious to all attacks.

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