“You’re ready!” No, not nearly, but thanks

Morning BJJ class and open mat. Again a little takedown back and forth followed by guard/pass guard, side control/escape side control. It seems that we are doing little by way of the syllabus/curriculum these past few weeks; the abovementioned routine seems to be geared toward getting people ready for the comp on Nov 7. People are also pushing themselves hard on open mat, practicing at full resistance and also trying to drop a few pounds before the weigh-in.

I’d be interested in going to watch a comp at this point, especially if I could sit next to someone knowledgable and ask stupid questions. But that comp is the same day as the Bung Bo Kuen seminar, which I have been informed that I am expected to be at even though I already know Bung Bo Kuen.

Someone asked me if I am doing the comp, and I said, "No way, I’m not ready." Pat "The Great Panda" yelled across the room, "You’re ready!" I snorted. "You spar with Leah, right?" "Yeah- and she kicks my ass every single time." "But Leah wins, so you’ll place." There’s some unassailable logic for ya. Rolling Eyes At my very first class- when I didn’t know an upa from an umbrella- the Great Panda was urging me to go ahead and sign up for a tournament that was taking place two weeks hence! So I probably shouldn’t be listening to him on that score… although the vote of confidence is nice.

Evening BJJ class and open mat- Cindy’s cardio warmup nearly killed us all tonight! faint

Then we learned a triangle variation, which I got to drill with Leah The Triangle Queen, which was good. I still don’t grok triangles…. like the joint locks, there are just way too many pieces to worry about, and I keep getting mixed up as to whether to do X with my left leg or my right, and Y with my left hand or my right, etc.

Then we did takedown relays. I loooooooove takedown relays- they are so much fun! I actually **WON** one tonight- although it was by accident rather than skill. Ron did some kind of sacrifice throw on me- and as we were tumbling toward the ground, we could both tell that he was over-rotated. He was saying "Oh s***," in midair. When we hit the ground, I pounced on top. I think he could have salvaged it if he’d scrambled hard, but he just sort of gave up- so I mounted him, hollered "HA!!!" and whacked him on the pec. Cool Razz Then jumped up and bounced in place, grinning like a chimp, waiting for the next opponent. Mr. Green Hey, I don’t get many- I gotta savor them fully!

I got a roll with Cindy, who smashed me completely with no apparent effort… always a good time.

I’ve done two classes per day for the last three days in a row, and also donated blood yesterday. mosh

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