Watch out for that crushing “Gward” of Ron’s

Morning BJJ class- we started with takedown drills. We were told to keep the right lapel grip at all times, which effectively eliminated 3/4 of my takedown options. I was a bit frustrated that my major outer reap wasn’t working well at all against the heavier guy I was working with. I did dump him several times with the knee-bar where you stick your ankle behind his and then slide your thigh down his shin, though. thumbsup

Then we drilled on a sweep, which was good because my sweep skills are fairly nonexistant.

Monday morning class- now a two stripe and up class- is definitely getting slightly more complex, and my slow brain is having a bit of trouble keeping up. If my schedule allowed me more flexibility, I’d quit coming to that one and add another "beginner" level class instead, but I have to take whatever I can get.

No open mat this morning…. I was ready for it, but Rodrigo chased us out early because he wanted to clean mats.

Evening BJJ class. Hip throws (hallelujia- something I can do!). Then more sweeps. Leah has been in bed with the flu for the past six days and was pale, weak and skinny… thus I was *almost* able to keep up with her tonight. I told her she should get sick more often. Then I accidentally groped her chest while we were doing the sweeps, apologized, and then had to listen to her complain that I hadn’t even bought her dinner first.

After drills, we did Henrique’s "competition-specific training" which I am staying for even though I have no current plans to compete… shhh! He likes to make us do these evil drills where he splits you up into triads and places two people on their backs at either end of the gym… lucky #3 sprints to one, grabs their gi pants at the knee and jerks their knees first to one side and then the other, plants a knee on their belly, then sprints to the other person. The other drill he likes to have us do is have the two people at either end stand, while #3 sprints to one, grabs them around the thighs and lifts them a bit off the ground, then sprints to the other. I really feel my age after doing these for just a few minutes. But I’m sure it’s going to help my pathetic cardio, so I shouldn’t whine. We were one person short, so Henrique himself was in my triad- which meant no slacking for me!!!

These tortures are followed by a series of three minute spars with no breaks. Just when you’re about to keel over and die, he stops everybody and makes us do fifty crunches, then back to sparring!

At one point I yet again wound up as the leftover dregs after everyone else was paired up for sparring… so I got to do three minutes with Henrique. That was fun! thumbsup He was being nice and not pinning me on the bottom, so I focussed on trying to stay on top while he rolled around. It was a bit like Wile E. Coyote running and dancing on top of a big boulder rolling downhill. I tried to choke him a few times, but wasn’t able to finish any of them.

One of my other spars was with Ron. He is a smaller guy, but stocky and very strong. Being in his guard is no fun. I’m sure he can crush steel beer kegs between his thighs. He swept me, and I saw no alternative but to turtle up. He poked and picked at me for a while, but I wouldn’t let him get a hand or foot in… so finally he rolled off me and laughed, "I don’t know what to do with this!"

By the time we were done with "competition specific training", it was already quarter to eight and I was knackered… so I bailed on open mat.

I am starting to get a bit more used to Henrique’s accent. "Gward"= guard, "Fit-tee person"= fifty percent. Razz

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