Black Crane redux

Saturday practice in the park. The grass was pretty muddy, so we had to work on the concrete stage. I was having an off day. First we went through some forms, and I was just blanking on parts of them… giving SK an opening to rag on me about wanting new forms when I can’t remember the ones I already have. Embarassed Rolling Eyes Then we worked on some basic Black Crane defenses against punches to the head and midsection (both sides), and against snap, thrust and roundhouse kicks. One of our newer students was taught these defenses recently and so wanted to work on them; I haven’t worked on them since I first started this class two and a half years ago, so it was a good thing to go back and redo. They did come back, after I fumbled around a bit. I still don’t like them much, though. Crane is my weakest animal. It’s shocking that I persevered in this class seeing as how when I first joined, we spent about the next eight or nine months straight doing Black Crane material. I just don’t click with it. Did I mention that NEMESIS is a Crane stylist?

I e-mailed CC and harrassed him some more; I finally scored a training session tomorrow with him and a newer student of his. She’s new enough that we have to go kind of slow and light, so I probably won’t squeeze any Tiger stuff out of CC tomorrow, but she’s a nice kid, so no worries. CC seems to try to throw us together a lot, I think he sets me up as a bit of a female MA role model for her. He is still being evasive about starting up regular classes again… I think I am going to have to throw in the towel on that soon. Sad

I was thinking last night that it might be an interesting experiment to try infusing my BJJ with some 5-animals kung fu energy. Dragon and Tiger (specifically the Tiger subsets of Leopard and Monkey) seem to be the most likely suspects to translate to BJJ. I continue to be frustrated by how rapidly and easily I run out of gas on the mat. Maybe if I can get a conscious chi flow going, I would do better with that.

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