Fine, we’ll play it your way

Morning BJJ class. We started with ankle pick drills. The guy I was working with wouldn’t let me do the drill. He was holding my lapel stiff-armed and angling his legs away. I said to him, "Your arms are so long that when you hold me off like that, there’s no way I can reach your feet." Hint, hint. A few times I sucked in a breath to say, "Dude, let me *do* the drill." But every time, I clamped my teeth over it because that just sounded whiney. Anyway, one has to go for the openings presented- I would not look at the situation I was in and try for an ankle pick at all, because I could already see it was a lost cause…. I would try something else. But ankle pick was the drill we were supposed to do, so I was in a catch-22. So I started backing him up against the wall and then picking his ankle. Twisted Evil That worked a couple of times, but then he started resisting being backed into the wall, or he would let me put him there but then just root when I tried to pick his ankle. I let him pick my ankle, thinking, "Why should I be a douche just because you’re being a douche," but by the end, I was getting pissed and frustrated, and starting to think maybe he didn’t even REALIZE that I was LETTING him pick my ankle. So for the last minute or two, I thought, "enough of this," and stopped allowing HIM to do the drill- just to prove I could. So that entire episode was pointless, I think. Confused

Then we started one person in guard and starting to stand up, the other person hooked a knee inside the stander’s knee and pulled hirself around 360. This was a new one for me, and I was still working with the same not-so-helpful partner, so I don’t think I quite grasped it. But I am intrigued, because it seems like a move that will play well to my small size and flexibility. Hopefully we will do it again later this week so I can try it with some other people.

I was excited to see that Cindy is now doing a beginner no-gi class on Friday nights. However, I realized that it is at the Seattle location, at 6pm. That puts the commute smack in the middle of Rush-Four-Hours, and without even the help of the carpool lane which my Kung Fu Carpool (aka the Shaolin Shuttle) is able to use on our way to Tues/Thurs evening classes in Seattle. I hate sitting in gridlock, and it’s such a drag when the commute (one way) is longer than the class itself. There’s no open mat scheduled afterward, either. So getting to this class, unfortunately, would be a real PITA and probably not very feasable on a regular basis. The stars continue to be aligned against me being able to take more of Cindy’s classes, which is a bummer.

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