Begging’s not working on CC; maybe it will work on Cindy.

Shaolin class… I did a little Iron Needle and Silken Needle to warm up, then some gentle chi exercises.

SK is now running the Thursday basics class, altho CN and DD remain in charge of the general curriculum. They’re having him start back at basics. He’s a little anxious that the intermediate-level students will be bored… but as I reminded him, even on the millionth rep of a technique you learned on day one, you are still picking up new nuances on it. Very basic wrist releases tonight. Since my training partner was intermediate-level, I made a point of altering my grip, moving out to arms’ length, moving in nose-to-nose, moving slightly to one side and then the other, changing altitude- everything I could think of to make her figure out how she had to alter her positioning to make the technique work. Since I had attacked her first, she then did the same thing when it was my turn to practice. So it turned out to be a well-challenging class, esp with CN roving around making picky corrections on every tiny thing.

A few more movements in both Cannon Fist and Catherine Dao. We are within half a dozen movements of the end of Catherine Dao, I was surprised to learn. For some reason I was remembering it as longer than it actually is. The end is in sight! No such luck in Cannon Fist, though… we’re only a bit more than halfway through. A loooooooooong road ahead still there!

Since stalking CC is producing no results, I decided to try stalking Cindy Hales. I e-mailed her this morning and attempted to weedle her into restarting the "Women’s Self Defense" class. Apparently it was canned because when the new semester started, all but one of the students had scheduling conflicts and had to bail out of the class. It’s still on the school schedule, though (the new one, too). I don’t know if she’ll agree to do it with only two students (and I can only come every other week), but it can’t hurt to beg. If there’s only two students, so much the better, from my POV. Practically a private with Cindy!!! And if there’s only a couple of us, there might even be more option to work on a bit of a specialized curriculum. How awesomely COOL would it be to get Cindy Hales to work on my sparring with me? drool

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