Rep # 3,762 drilling that same guard pass

Morning BJJ class- drills on that same guard pass again- I’m doing that guard pass in my sleep.

I did stay again for open mat, altho the guys had to chivvy me a little to get me back off the bench where I was collapsed there puffing and sweating. faint I rolled a bit with two people I haven’t worked with in a while, and I think I acquitted myself better against them this time than I had before. I also didn’t get triangled at all this morning, which is good- I am constantly getting caught in triangles. One guy tried about four times, and I was able to defend. thumbsup I am also doing better at remembering to keep my toe down to control the opponant’s near-side leg when I sneak up the middle for a guard pass, so that I am less likely to get caught in his half-guard. Being crushed in side control remains a very weak point for me, but intensive work on that issue may have to wait till my left ribs are healed up.

The new schedule (starting tomorrow) is going to change the one no-gi class I usually take every other week to a gi class. I’m going to see if I can make the Wednesday evening no-gi class on my off-rotations, because otherwise I will not be training *any* no-gi BJJ work.

Evening class: I went in early to catch the "women’s self defense" class, but the class was cancelled… so I used the time to practice my two forms-in-progress (dao- I used a handy scrub brush since I didn’t have a dao- and Cannon Fist) and get in a few reps of Bung Bo. Then the no-gi BJJ class, and yes, once again open mat after. Arm drags and aftermath options. I rolled with Leah, who still subs me every single time. Usually with a triangle (Yeah, she ruined this morning’s record, several times over.. Thanks, Leah!). I assured her that someday I am going to righteously kick her @ss. I like to think I’m making her work harder for it as time goes on, anyway. I’m going to be really excited the first time I get a sub on Leah!

The advantage of being the tiniest, newest, most mismatched person in the room is that when you’re left over after everyone else is paired up, sometimes you get to roll with the instructor. thumbsup This morning, that bought me a roll with Stephen, and tonight it bought me a roll with Cindy "Sleeper" Hales. I’m always excited to get a chance to play with Cindy. Of course she effortlessly owned me, but I think I did a little better than the last time I rolled with her. I was doing reasonably well (I think) with positions, but of course I still only have a couple of good sub options, and sometimes I didn’t know what to do once I was on top (especially since it was no-gi). Every once in a while, with no discernable effort, she would maneuver us over to the edge of the mat, extricate an arm, and pick up the stopwatch to check how much time left in the round, all without missing a beat. Rolling Eyes

We were treated to a great show when Cindy and Pat "The Great Panda" rolled. They were doing all kinds of show-offy stuff, much fun to watch. popcorn

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