Did you really just do that?

Another BJJ class,another open mat… see, I’m being really good. Cool It was cut a bit short because the instructor had to leave.

We have been working on variations of the same guard pass for two weeks. I hope I have the durn thing by now. I like it when we’re working on the same thing for multiple classes in a row, because I’m slow to pick up new material, and the reinforcement really helps. It does make for more injuries, though, with people cranking on the same shoulder in the exact same direction for ninety minutes for four or five days in a row. Holding up pretty well this week so far.

Today I worked with Nelson, who is about twice my weight and newer than me… I like working with him, though, because he has good control, and when I asked him to be careful on my injured left ribs, I could trust him to be careful.

I did notice something today while I was rolling with him and with another (higher ranking) white belt… some holes. I have spent so much time rolling with Brian, and the guy just *HAS* no holes in his game (well, I’m sure he has them, but I can’t find any). Today, a number of times, one of the white belts would do something and I’d be thinking, "Seriously? Did you really just do that, and leave that big hole?" I want to get more skilled at noticing those… next step would be to exploit them!

It was a light kung fu class tonight, as the majority of the class period was spent on JM’s test. She did very well.

They are now having us do all of the forms that the class knows in common TWICE as a "warm-up"… once at a moderate speed and again at combat cadence". We are up to about eight forms, so that actually gets a bit exhausting. More good conditioning for my cardio, though.

We spent a little time working on a specific variation of a reap out of Leopard Fist. More and more, I’m making a point of being aggressively forceful whenever I grab someone… a couple of them are finding it a bit intimidating; I can see their eyes widen a bit when I grab hold. Twisted Evil (Hey, I need every edge I can get!!) I told them about my little "double promotion", so now they think I am some kind of grappling badass. Wink Tonight I was grabbing my training partner aggressively and giving a miniscule shake, like a dog with a squirrel, before twisting her to the mat…. and it was noticeably "loosening her up" as we say… that is, getting a person a bit off balance and startled before executing a technique on them.

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